These are a few of the common questions asked. If you have a question not seen here feel free to contact us here!

How do I know what size I am?

      In each of the listing we will include a best fit and measurements. The best fit is a modern estimation, but just that--an estimate. The measurements are your best way of knowing if an item will fit. All the measurements are taken with garment laying flat. so grab one of your own pieces of a similar shape and compare the measurements for the most accurate comparison.

Are the items cleaned?

I wash almost everything before selling it. There are a few exceptions, including heavy winter coats and certain fabrics. However what isn't washed is spot treated, steamed, and/or taken to the dry cleaner. I invest time and energy into making sure an item is clean and is without odor before it is sold online or in store. 

How to care for the items I buy?

      Some of the items from the 70's and later will have care instructions tags. However the older items should be washed with care either on a gentle cycle or by hand, and hung to dry. If you are unsure google it! There are a lot of how to videos for washing vintage clothing depending on fabric and era. There's also many detergents available that are less harsh then your average detergent. 

Where do you find this stuff?

      I love hunting out these goodies! I source in many different places and from many different people! I will dig through wherever someone lets me. I attend estate sales, auctions, thrift stores, bag sales, flea markets, basically I put the time and the legwork into curating and collecting the items I find beautiful and interesting in the hopes that you all will love them too. 

How do you know how old a piece is?

      I've learned to identify the age of pieces through research and experience. There are many different tricks to tell the age of an item and it's a learning curve.

I'm a curvy/plus sized person should I even bother?   

      I try very hard to supply a variety of sizes, admittedly many of the pieces will tend towards the XS-M. I myself am a plus size human and struggle with finding vintage clothing. While it does seem to be true that many people were smaller back then obviously there were people of all shapes and sizes always and I will find those pieces.

I have stuff I want to get rid of will you buy it?

      Maybe! I am always looking for items. Some guidelines to keep in mind-- I only buy vintage (i.e. 90's or earlier) and just because it is vintage doesn't mean I will purchase. I do NOT do consignment, meaning I will only purchase items outright. I am happy to look at items that are wounded or stained because healing those items and making them wearable again is one of the reasons I do this. I am a small business trying to keep my prices reasonable during a difficult time for retail so please be understanding of what I can offer, the same way I will be understanding if you say no to my offer. If you have anything for me to take a look at email me at bearbonevintage@gmail.com